Love Songs

Love Songs Movie Director:
Jaybrato Chatterjee
Jaya Bachchan
Om Puri
Mallika Sarabhai
Rajit Kapur
Shabana Chatterjee
Neil Bhoopalam
Madhuchanda Ghosh
Prithviraj Choudhary
Doel Basu
Available in:
English, (No English subtitles)
Love Songs Movie Running time:
91 minutes
Love Songs Movie Release Year:
Love Songs Movie Producer:
Sunil Doshi
Love Songs Movie Songs:
Rabindranath Tagore

Love Songs

Average Member Rating: 3.1
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Love Songs Movie details:

English, (No English subtitles)
Evocative English language drama in which a fesity widow, who runs an NGO for the disabled, is forced to dredge up memories from her past life by her curious grandson.
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Movie Full Storyline

Mridula Chatterjee, a feisty widow, runs her own NGO for people with disabilities in Kolkata. Her grandson, Rohan, whom she has brought up single-handedly, comes home for his vacations from law school in Bangalore. Rohan’s natural curiosity about his grandmother’s life compels her to dredge up memories that had long remained confined within her heart. Memories of her university days; of the turbulence heralding the Naxalite era; of poetry and idealism. Of Aftaab Jaffrey and a love inevitably lost in the wake of communal prejudices. Memories of her hurriedly arranged marriage and the untimely death of her husband while she was pregnant. Memories of her insecure daughter, Palaash, a nightclub crooner, and her wayward drummer husband, Dev, and Mridula’s own emotionally disbalanced relationship with her only child. Memories of a research trip to the rural areas of Birbhum where she happened to encounter Aftaab Jaffrey again, now married to the alcoholic Rabea.

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Average Member Rating: 3.1

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Jai Ho Jaya!

06 November 2012


Jaya Bachchan fans like me will enjoy this movie. Don't let the fact that it is in English put you off. It's a Hindi film with a Bengali heart. If you liked Jaya in Laaga Chunari Mein Daag and Fiza, and don't mind a weepie, then Love Songs will appeal to you. No one does the tortured mother act as good as Jaya.
Average Member Rating: 3

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